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    SCRAPE TEST MACHINE刮痕測試試驗機(英文資料)

    歡迎來到本公司網站了解關于SCRAPE TEST MACHINE刮痕測試試驗機的產品信息,您也可以了解除SCRAPE TEST MACHINE刮痕測試試驗機外更多相關產品的信息。

    • 型號規格: STM-3962
    • 適用領域: BS 3962-6:1980 Part 6: Assessment of resistance to mechanical damage

    Standard Coincided

    BS 3962-6:1980 Part 6: Assessment of resistance to mechanical damage

    Main parameter of scale

    Force Value0-10N

    scale division0.1N

    deviation of division:±3%

    Method of Force Value above 10N: Adding 5N Weight

    Maximum test force: 15N (can be extended to larger test force value)

    Main Technical Parameters of Cutter Head

    Sample scraping angle: 89°

    Sample scraping diameter: 9.52mm

    Blade thickness: 10mm

    The angle between the blade and the sample when testing: 90°

    Disposal of damaged blade head: Replacement of new parts after discarding

    Material: Tungsten Carbide Steel

    Properties of material: Hard and Crackable

    Main Technical Parameters of Sample Pallet

    Sample size: 238 + 2mm wide, product thickness, length according to test requirements, but can not be less than 66mm;

    Maximum thickness of sample: 30mm

    Moving distance: 200 mm

    Test time: 10s

    Reset time: 10s

    Solution to test power interruption: self-return to zero after re-energizing

    Operating function key

    Power key: power key lights up after power on, power is on after the key is pressed, then off after another press

    Reset key: press the key after test and the sample pallet will return to zero

    Test key: After the sample pallet returns to zero, press the key then the sample pallet will move 200mm to the right at a speed of 20 mm/s.

    Basic parameters of equipment

    Power supply: 220V 50Hz

    Power: less than 50W

    Equipment Dimensions (Approximate): 664.5*300*170mm

    Shipping list

    Mainframe of scraper test machine, Blades of tungsten steel special, Specifications, Certification.